Online Correction of E -TDS return made possible on Traces Website


As part of a fresh initiative and new development, website of TDSCPC (TRACES) have now made possibility of online correction of e-TDS returns on their website, a reality. Deductor’s who are making TDS are now able to correct their e-TDS returns by logging onto TDSCPC website.

At present, the website allows only the registered users to make two types of corrections, that is, permanent account number and corrections for challans. For other type of corrections the users have to use the regular process of generating the correction through return file and submit the file with TIN-FC. The mandatory requirement is that the users must use digital signatures for the facility to be availed in connection with the online correction for TDS returns.

To initiate the process of correction a step by step process is to be followed. The process starts with the log in at and then register with digital signature of the deductor/user. This is the first essential and initial step for correcting TDS statements when using the TDSCPC Online Correction Return Process. IT is important to bear in mind that only Class-II or Class-III digital signature are required for this purpose.

After log in has been done the drop down menu under ‘defaults’ heading is to be clicked and the request for correction link is to be done. Then select the quarter, year and form type and fill relevant details like the PRN number of TDS statement that has been approved. A request will be registered and the return will be made available for correction after some time. It may take upto twenty four hours as a time limit for the same has not been provided.

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The next step is to check the status of the request filed as above. If the request for correction is accepted and made available for correction then the link for starting the correction is to be opted for and then begin with the necessary amendments to the already filed e –TDS statement.

On completion of the necessary amendments as required the corrected return is once again ready for online submission. The next requirement is to go to the link that indicates that the statement is now ready for submission. The registered digital signature is now to be applied re-submitted in the revised form.