Divorce Attorneys that help you settle your Divorce Case Amicably and in your best Interest

Marriage used to be the most important thing in our recent ancestors’ lives. Many people lived to be married, procreate, and raise children – it was largely that cut-and-dry. While people still get married, procreate, and raise children in modern society, it’s not as nearly as common as it used to be.

For example, statistics from 1890 indicate that roughly 67.4 percent of United States women over the age of consent were married at any given time. Over the past 130-odd years, the highest marriage rate came around 1920, when a whopping 92.3 percent of women had their relationships sealed by holy matrimony. As decades have gone by, marriage rates have declined here in the United States and elsewhere throughout the Western world. In 1970, marriage rates steadily declined from 76.5 percent in 1972 to a dismal 31.1 percent in 2010.

Here’s what you should know about divorce attorneys – even if you’re single.

Most Divorces Don’t Have Clear-Cut “Winners”

Judges use what information they have to fairly distribute assets and child custody time among divorced couples. You’ll get disappointed if you enter a divorce proceeding thinking that you’ll get a lion’s share of your shared assets. Leave “winning” behind and seek out what belongings, rights, and other conditions that are most valuable to you.

Although Difficult, Treat Your Soon-To-Be Ex-Spouse Amicably

If you have kids, it’s easy to point fingers and blame your spouse in attempting to plead the case that your parenting abilities are clearly superior. In most cases, divorcees end up acting like – this is not a joke – upset kids outside and even within the courthouse!

Treating your significant other with any sentiments other than respect, fairness, and calmness can and is likely to be used in court as an appeal to the presiding judge to make you look bad. Act like a grown-up – seriously!

Be Leery of Divorce Attorneys that Claim to Be Able to Knock Your Case out of the Park

Unless your significant other is a really terrible person, don’t trust lawyers that promise this, that, and a big of chips.

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If your spouse wants a divorce, there’s not much you can do. Act amicably and expect the process to be long, drawn-out, and not particularly rewarding for either party. Oh, and find a divorce lawyer orlando fl that fits your wants and needs.



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