Dealing With a Workplace Accident

There it is, that moment you’ve been dreading. You’ve been putting in extra hours trying to finish the paint job at that big corporate office downtown and you want to have every detail right. You’re experienced at all of this and you don’t want to do a sloppy job or make any mistakes. Still, you don’t expect the ladder to slip while you’re on it, and for it to suddenly send you flying through space, only to land in a crumpled heap.

Dealing With a Workplace Accident
Dealing With a Workplace Accident

When you come to, your leg is swelling and you’re feeling utterly disoriented. You’ve just had a classic workplace injury, so now what do you do? Workplace Injuries Workplace injuries happen frequently, and they are never a welcome event. A workplace injury can range from a fall on a slippery floor to an accident caused by equipment left out in the workplace or doors or windows in need of repair.

Ultimately, an accident that happens in a workplace can be caused by the negligence of the company that owns the site where the incident happened. If it is found that the accident was directly caused by negligence on the part of the company owner, you may be due damages for your injuries. What’s important is that you speak to an experienced work injury lawyer hillsboro or right away.

If a person has been seriously injured in a workplace accident, they may be due damages from the negligent party as well as worker’s compensation. Negotiating these types of settlements is a complex business, and it’s best to work with a legal expert who knows the laws backwards and forwards. It’s also important that you allow a legal expert to negotiate with the insurance company themselves. Anything you say directly to an insurance company might be used in your case, and it’s best not to say anything until an attorney has reviewed your case and made a recommendation.

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Obviously, going through a workplace accident isn’t an easy situation, so get legal help right away, so you can get the best resolution to your case.


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