Qualities That Make For A Great Expert Witness

Qualities That Make For A Great Expert Witness

When looking for an expert witness, you are going to want to find one that looks credible to the jury, judge and the opposing counsel. For this to happen, the witness needs to have a wide variety of characteristics. They should be able to clearly communicate their opinions in a way that is believable and trustworthy. Below are some clear qualities to look for in a good expert witness, such as the one found at


If you are working on a case involving criticized loans, you are going to want to find a witness that has knowledge, experience and expertise in that area. If you don’t, it may be more difficult for them to prove their opinion on the stand. A good expert witness needs to be confident, engaging and well-spoken on the subject you are hiring them to speak about.

Qualities That Make For A Great Expert Witness
Qualities That Make For A Great Expert Witness


While an expert witness’ knowledge of a subject is the most important quality to look for, their appearance can be a big factor during court proceedings. If you hire a witness that doesn’t look or dress professional, it may be harder for the judge, jury and opposing counsel to take them seriously. Finding an expert witness that can present themselves well physically in court is important. Even if your expert witness works in a field where they dress casually every day, it is still important for them to dress professionally at court.

Familiar With Court Proceedings

While finding an expert witness who is knowledgeable about the subject matter intended is important, it is also crucial to find a witness that is familiar with court proceedings as well. They should have a firm grasp on how their opinions on a subject tie into a trial. Their testimony should relate to evidence, reports and the laws involved.

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When you have a court case to prepare for and need an expert witness, finding the right one is important. A case can be won or lost based on the quality of an expert witness you choose. This is why it is essential to fully vet any potential witness before you hire them.



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