Bondsman 101: What a Bondsman Does for You

After an arrest, if you aren’t released on your own recognizance, there are three ways to get out of jail. You can use cash for the full bond, you can use real estate as collateral or you can use a local bail bondsman. The reality is that most people can’t afford to post bail on their own and so they look for a bail bonds company that they can trust. If you’re considering hiring a bail bondsman to help release a loved one from jail, here is what you need to know.

What Information Does Your Bondsman Need?

When you choose a bondsman Scranton PA, the bondsman will need some crucial information. The bondsman needs to know the following:

  • Where the person is in custody
  • The name of the jail
  • The person’s full name
  • The person’s booking number
  • The bail amount

All of this information will help the bail agent determine how much money you’re going to need to get the defendant released.

What Is the Bail Bondsman Process
What Is the Bail Bondsman Process

What Is the Bail Bondsman Process?

Once you contact the bondsman, you’ll want to know the process. First, you’ll discuss pricing options with the agent and then you pay the fee to the bail agent. He or she pays a surety bond to release your loved one. The defendant then has to appear in court. If not, you will owe the bondsman. Likewise, if the defendant doesn’t show, the bondsman has the authority to locate and surrender him or her.

When it comes to getting someone out of jail, a bondsman is one of your best options. If you can’t afford bail, you aren’t alone. In fact, there are a lot of people that can’t. Bail is generally unaffordable. As long as you have the right information, you can post bail with the help of a bondsman.

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