Which LIC Policy Is Best For Me?

Before you decide to buy any LIC policy you are supposed to ‘check and balance’ the financial stability you can get from different policies. The chosen policy must be not only within your budget, it must also be suitable for your family. In today’s computer savvy age you can study different policies through “efinancial” facility and get complete idea about “provisions and exclusions of all the insurance policies”. Following are some of the insurance policies you can browse through before you choose the fittest for you:

Jeevan Anand : This is a very good policy if you are thinking of whole life plan. It gives you very attractive returns. The features are Endowment guaranteed Plan plus Entire Life Plan.


Jeevan Saral: It is a monthly recurring scheme. It is also called Jeevan Saral ATM plan. The features of this plan are tax saving + money liquidity + insurance. The plan has achieved Golden Peacock Award by IRDA as the international award.

Jeevan Tarang: This plan is a whole life plan with profit. The plan offers annual survival benefit at 5.5 percent of the assured sum, calculated on the chosen accumulated plan. The vested bonuses are paid on survival of the policy claimant on earlier death or on survival after the end of the accumulation period. Besides this, the sum assured is added to the loyalty addition (if applicable) is payable either on earlier death or on survival.

New Bima Gold Policy:  Here premiums are paid over its term period; it is a pay back policy during its term period. It also covers life insurance for both during and extended term period.

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Jeevan Mitra (Triple Cover Endowment Plan): The plan, basically Endowment Assurance plan, with better financial protection, in case of death throughout the plan’s term period. The maturity amount is paid on survival after the end of the policy-term.

Jeevan Shree-I: This one again, basically Endowment Assurance plans with varied options of convenient term for premiums. This plan also covers the policy holder with financial protection, such as in case of death of the party through out the term period; however on survival, payment to the claimant is made on maturity of the term period.

 LIC Endowment Plus: This plan has the link with unit, with the features like insurance cum investment cover, during the term period of the policy. The policy holder can choose the level of insurance as per his/her limits and as per the level and mode of premium.


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